" My husband recently emailed you about suggested usage of the 1200mg tincture we bought while in Colorado. So far I've noticed a difference after using your product. It's helping so much! "


"We called a local family farm, Hogback Farm, that we knew through church and had started  growing hemp. This family was incredible! They understood my stress, and fear but also talked me through the use of CBD. My son woke up everyday of 2nd grade telling me he hated school and was never going back. He got up yelling and went to bed yelling. My son never got a good night sleep and would wake up many nights with night terrors. The first night he took the CBD oil he slept until 8:00am. He never slept-in and since he was two he was always up before 7:00am. The next night he slept until 8:30am and woke up in a better mood.  Every day was better and better! "


Family Owned & Operated

The Self's started farming with a single mission in mind, to find relief for their daughter. Today this vision has blossomed into an artisanal hemp farm located in the heart of The Grand Hogback mountain range in Western Colorado.

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What is Whole Plant Hemp Extract? - Hogback Farm
What is Whole Plant Hemp Extract?

Did you know whole plant hemp extract is unique from other types of CBD? Research shows that if you want to experience all the life-enhancing properties hemp has to offer, you need the whole plant.
Yet you might be wondering…What exactly is whole plant CBD and why does it matter? Keep reading for our insider’s guide to finding the best hemp for your needs.

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