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Resilient Roots: Farming for a Better Future


The Self family started farming with a single mission in mind, to find relief for their daughter. Today this vision has blossomed into an artisanal hemp farm located in the heart of The Grand Hogback mountain range in Western Colorado.


The Self Family Story


Will hemp help?


A question that changed the course of their lives, Jacki and Andrew Self were searching for answers. Their oldest daughter was facing severe medical issues and had been since birth. They spent years trying to find relief.


Despite seeing top specialists, Jacki and Andrew were still left with more questions than answers. To make matters worse, their daughter was suffering. They went to every specialist possible in hopes of finding an answer.


Years of seeing doctors and therapists and their daughter was still hurting. Jacki and Andrew were afraid of what the future would hold for her. But they were determined to help their daughter.


Jacki began researching alternative treatments. Low and behold, she found that hemp may help. This sparked a fire in them to learn more. Soon they connected with a molecular hemp geneticist to find the best strains for their daughter’s needs. After just one dose of CBD, she had immediate relief.


From that moment on, their mission was clear, to grow the best plants possible.


In 2016, their dream became a reality when they bought an abandoned farm in The Grand Hogback mountain range in western Colorado. As these first seeds were planted their vision grew. Using all organic farming practices, Jacki and Andrew poured their hearts and souls into cultivating the highest quality hemp.


With each new grow, they aimed to provide the cleanest and purest plants. Today their family-owned farm is dedicated to delivering exceptional whole plant hemp extract.


Regenerative Hemp Farming


  • We’re committed to using exclusively regenerative and environmentally friendly farming practices

  • We use living soil free of pesticides to cultivate the purest possible plants

  • Our family-owned farm grows cannabinoid specific strains with a full terpene profile to provide you a premium whole plant hemp extract

  • We work closely with our community to educate and inspire sustainable agriculture

  • Our aim is to make the world a greener place while helping you enjoy all-natural relief.


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